Clinical Supervision

I have been supervising qualified and trainee counsellors since 2009. I have experience working with group supervision and one to one supervision and I also have experience and are familiar with writing reports for training organisations.

“Who will care and protect the carers” Juvenal,Satiries, vi: 347-8

Supervision is required by the BACP for counsellors and psychotherapists. As a counsellor or psychotherapist if you are working empathically with a client's distress, you may often experience parallel distress and emotional disturbance within yourself. The emotional overload that may ensue is dependent on many factors: the type of personality you have, experience, emotional maturity, caseload ,the amount of pressure and stress you are under at work and home. This is why good quality and regular supervision with a trained clinical supervisor is so important.

Supervision helps to contain, evaluate and work through your emotional needs coming from the work you do.. If this is overlooked this will lead to decreased functioning in you and could lead to a fragmentation in the team or to inappropriate interactions between you and your client.

How I work as a supervisor

I offer Supervision in a confidential, non-judgemental and accepting environment where reflection on practice is encouraged through exploration and evaluation of your relationship with your clients and lays the foundations for you to begin to develop and learn confident ways of relating to your clients. This allows, through a parallel process a deeper, more meaningful connection with your clients. In a supervisory relationship there needs to be a monitoring of ethical practice. This can only be achieved if you know there is a safe place to explore your worries and dilemmas, where you know you will not be judged for what you bring.

To ensure that supervision is a transformational process it needs to have a contractual structure which encompasses the needs of the three people within that alliance. Supervision is confidential but the supervisor and the counsellor need to be aware that they comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and, where the law states, when confidentiality may to be breached.

Supervision should encompass the different learning styles of the worker, which will lead to a deeper interaction and understanding of your work and how and why you relate to different people. As you build up trust with me, the way you interact and work with clients will be better understood by both of us and so enable the distress and stresses to be contained and worked through appropriately.

I work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays with a few evening slots if available.

I charge £45 an hour for supervision with some reduction per hour if more hours are required and £30 an hour for trainees.